Expanding your business into an overseas market has never been easier!

We help small-medium sized healthcare businesses with therapeutic solutions reach patients in overseas markets

What we do

We provide bespoke guidance and consultancy services on business development, regulatory affairs and market access which enables a fast and cost-effective entry of your therapy to an overseas market. We guide you walk through a local environment without letting you alone
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How we do

By matchmaking the best partner in the local market, providing information on a different regulatory and market environment until the launch of your business; therefore we work closely with you from the start until the end
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The Result

A complete licensing-out and market access toolkit that includes guidance, strategy, intelligence, documentation, submission and follow up for developing your business and reaching your therapies helping other patients.
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What we do

Business Development and Licensing

We help you to find the best partner in an overseas market. We do the matchmaking and connect you to the local partners. We connect the interested parties for negotiation process and help them to agree on the best term sheet.

Regulatory Affairs & Market Access

We specialise in marketing authorisation approval of pharmaceuticals and a variety of health care products including cosmetics and medical devices. Tailored to market access of your products starting from regulatory planning.

What we offer and excel at providing

• Matchmaking the best partner in the local market
• Guiding through the negotiations and acting as an informed conduit
• Delivering a bespoke regulatory and market access solutions tailored to your products
• Consultants with many years’ experience in business development, regulatory affairs and market access
• Open communication throughout the process and timely feedback
• Focused on achieving the results you need to grow or launch your business
• Compiling documentation in eCTD format and adaptation to local requirements
• Local adaptation of your global pharmacoeconomics model for local HTA requirements

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